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Youth Sports Performance

Class / Youth Sports Performance

We have one of the best and most comprehensive youth sports performance programs in the country.  Whether you are looking for your child to increase strength, speed and agility, decrease potential for injury, or all of the above, we can help!

At Fit Speed, we make sure to take the age and training status of your child into account before training them to improve.  This is why we have developed three separate training programs:

  • Learn to Train (Ages 6-10) – Designed to help brand new athletes learn how to appropriately move their body, while enjoying the training process
  • Junior Development (Ages 11-14) – Designed to help kids who have been playing sports for a few years to increase their strength, speed and agility, while learning the basics of advanced movement skills
  • Amateur Development (Ages 14-18) – Our advanced training protocols will help these kids get to the top of their game.  This is their chance to earn a starting spot, and play for a scholarship.  Let us help get there!

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