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Strength Training / OCR

Class / Adult Strength & Fitness

Do you like to compete in Spartans, Mud Runs or Tough Mudders?

Or do you just want to get lean and strong in a fun way?

Join us at Fit Speed Athletic Performance and we will help you prepare for your next Obstacle Course Race!

We will do whats necessary to strengthen the mind and the body for your next big race.  Also, join us as we compete as a team in Spartans all across Florida!

OCR Training is a part of our weekly adult fitness schedule.  The best way to get in shape for all Obstacle Course Races is to do general strength training, general conditioning, as well as practice specific spartan strengths.  We do all three, every single week.  Leading up to the OCR, we will get more specific with more practice (and burpees).  Join us and bring out your inner athlete!