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Learn to Train (6-10)

Class / Youth Sports Performance

Our LTT program was designed specifically for kids age 7-12, who have no experience with formal training or teaching.  The primary goal and emphasis of the program is motor pattern development: we want to teach the athlete how to move.  As part of a long term training process, this may be one of the most vital!  All skills learned as a child directly increase the athletes ability to perform complex motor tasks later in their athletic career, and allow the athlete to train with higher volume and intensity as the foundation of training has been set.

In addition, we make every workout FUN.  When children enjoy the process of training, they are much more likely to stick with it!  We do not run our athletes into the ground, we work with them to teach them what they need to know in a low stress environment.

A usual daily workout looks like:

10 Minutes – Warmup & Muscle Activation

20 Minutes – Run / Change of Direction Instruction

15 Minutes – Intro to Resistance Training

10 Minutes – Fitness Game (Speed, Balance, Hand Eye Coordination)

5 Minutes – Cool Down