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Lacrosse is a great sport to play and to train.  It is a combination of every single physical activity:

  • Sprinting
  • Top Speed
  • Cutting
  • Reactive ability
  • Hand Eye coordinator

Because of this, our training for Lacrosse is a lot like it is for football and soccer: we train everything, all the time, while simultaneously trying to get stronger and increase movement ability using age and intensity appropriate exercises.  We want the work we do on the performance side to accompany the skills needed for the athlete to better play the sport.

Lacrosse, much like other field sports, has a high rate of injury at the ankle, knee and hip.  Because its a rotational sport, lower back is also a concern that must be addressed using back strengthening and core stability exercises.  Because of these injury concerns, every lacrosse athlete goes through our lower body stability progression, every single week.  Strengthening the body joint by joint, every week, will ultimately decrease injury potential, increase motor unit recruitment and motor pattern and learning ability.

Our field work for lacrosse involves training both straight ahead speed and change of direction every single week.  Our change of direction rotates from planned to reactive, from static to changing, from non competitive to competitive.  By using these various aspects in our program, we can train everything the athlete may see on the field.  With straight ahead speed, we train it in two parts:

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration

Training these separately allows us to maximize the mechanics used on them, and the transition phase that links them comes naturally once these are learned.