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Sports Performance & NFL Training!


Our football training program is our most popular training program.  Owned by NFL WR Brandon Marshall, we train hundreds of football athletes every year, from every level.

The training we do for football is, first and foremost, focused on reducing injuries.  Football athletes have very high rates of skeletal injuries at the ankle, knee and shoulder, and muscular injuries in the hamstrings and low back.  By strengthening these areas, we train our athletes to be in top position to train hard and play tough.

In our younger football athletes, we focus on first developing the movement patterns needed to train aggressively.  By teaching the fundamental movement patterns frequently and with good technique, we increase their ability to train, as well as ability to learn the skills the coach is teaching on the field.  Basic movements such as squat, pushups, pullups and lunges become a staple for our younger athletes, and our field work revolves around teaching the basic mechanics of cutting and changing direction effectively.

In our older football athletes, we train more aggressively to increase maximal strength, power, acceleration and speed.  These athletes typically have some training history, and are ready for a more intense training program.  More intense weight training will increase their maximal force so they can run faster, jump higher and cut more aggressively, while increasing muscular and skeletal strength.  Many athletes begin training with us at a younger age, and make the transition from a basic program to a more advanced program as we watch them progress.

Football is a unique sport in that it is a combination of nearly every potential field movement, as well as specialized work such as holding the ball, throwing, catching and blocking.  We train our football athletes to be well rounded, so they are injury resistant and have better on field athletic performance.