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Baseball is one of the most unique sports to train.  As the athletes play longer games, tournaments, summer ball and travel leagues, injuries have become far too commonplace.  Our training program is designed to “level the playing field” so to speak, and allow athletes to train and play more.

One of the unique things of baseball is most positions have very different needs: outfield needs straight ahead acceleration, infield needs lateral movement and transition ability, catchers need very stable and mobile joints, and pitchers need to resist injury in the back, scap, shoulders and elbows as much as possible.

On top of this, every position requires a very strong lateral start for running bases, and for baseball show cases to demonstrate 60 yard times.

Having this understanding of baseball has allowed us to build a program to address these needs. To increase throwing speed and shoulder stability, we spend significant amount of time working on thoracic spine mobility, scapular stability, and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder.  In addition, we work on rotating and leading the hip with a variety of med ball and band work, while pushing through the back leg.  And to counter this rotational movement and save the spine from excessive distress, we do a lot of back strengthening and core stability.

The field work consists of both straight ahead components (acceleration, transition, top speed), and reactive lateral change of direction.  By increasing these factors, while simultaneously making the athlete stronger and more stable, we believe our baseball program is fundamentally sound for the long term development of youth baseball athletes.  As with all of our sports, the intensity and modalities used to acquire these means is dictated by the athletes age and training ability.