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Whether you are looking to prepare for the NFL Combine, make the starting roster or lose a few pounds, we can help.

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Join one of the country's top sports performance facilities, and improve your game today. We train athletes of all ages to improve their speed, power and agility!

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No excuses, no gimmicks: just good old fashioned hard work. We have several classes to help you lose weight, lose inches, gain strength and muscle, and improve conditioning.

Elite Athletics Training

Stay at the top of your game.
Founded by NFL All Pro Brandon Marshall, Fit Speed is home to some of the United States best athletes. Your body is your career: let us help you dominate the competition.

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We have one goal: improvement. We utilize every method of training and recovery possible to help you improve your body, your game and your mind.

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Looking to train and compete in something fun? Try our OCR Training!

Our Adult Fitness classes are built around training like an athlete.  As part of this motto, we have started a brand new class structure and style: OCR Training!  Obstacle Course Races and Mud Runs are fun, challenging, and most importantly, the training simulates that of our athletic training protocols.  If you are looking for life changing results, try our Adult Fitness / OCR Class, and have some fun along the way!