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Sports Performance & NFL Training!

Swimming / Water Polo

Swimming has a few main factors which we can contribute to in the weight room and on the field:

  • Strength
    • We can help the athlete apply more force, increasing the distance per stroke
  • Strength Endurance
    • We can help the athlete resist fatigue for longer, so the deceleration happens less quickly
  • Corrective & preventative strategies
    • We can help the athlete avoid overuse of the shoulders by strengthening the scaps, rear delts and other antagonist muscles to swimming
  • Jump & Wall Pushoff
    • Jumping off the block and off the wall requires lower body strength and power.  Strengthening the lower body will help decrease time by improving both!

As with all of the Fit Speed Training programs, we use age appropriate methods to help our athletes progress.  Younger athletes have a greater emphasis on motor control and ability, and less on hard results.  High school and older athletes we place on a more sport specific path, designed specifically to help increase the measurable results in the pool.