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Did you know: Soccer has the highest rate of injuries among all sports?

At Fit Speed, we know the only way you can prepare is to practice.  Our #1 concern with soccer is full lower body development.  This serves a dual purpose:

  1. Keeps you injury free so you can work on your tactical soccer skills
  2. Helps you increase your speed and agility, so you can be a better soccer player.

In addition to lower body strengthening, we work heavily on field work for our athletes: change of direction, acceleration and top speed.  Soccer players sometimes run 10+ miles a game, with dozens of intermittent sprints, and jogging almost becomes active rest.  Knowing these mechanics of how a soccer game works allows us to use this to our advantage to increase your ability to play on the field.

All of our training for our athletes is age appropriate. No athlete will ever be put in a position where they are being asked to do too much.  However, every program has one thing in common: we will train the entire body, joint by joint, to increase activation of the areas we need working more, and stability of the joints that are prone to injury and damage.