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Our basketball program is very effective at both decreasing our clients potential for injury, as well as increasing their on court performance.

Basketball athletes typically have longer limbs, and thus the forces going through the joints are amplified.  We begin our basketball training program by increasing the strength of the body, joint by joint, from the ankles to the neck.  Every athlete we train that steps on to a basketball court will go through our basketball warmup routine to prepare these joints not just for playing, but for intense training.

Basketball is a highly athletic sport that involves a lot of acceleration, short court change of direction, and vertical jumping.  With our long term training program for basketball athletes, we address these skills in the most appropriate way possible.  With our younger athletes, we place a greater emphasis on learning the movements needed to train aggressively.  Basic movements such as squats, pushups, pullups, lunges, hinging patterns and core stability are a focus of our younger athletes program.  When mastery of these exercise begins, we make the program more intense to accommodate the improving athlete.  This not only allows the athlete to continue to progress, this improved motor ability allows the athlete to better learn the skills and tasks demanded from the basketball coach.

Our field work for basketball is comprised of short burst acceleration as well as planned and reactive change of direction.  We also focus on teaching the fundamental jump series, to progress their vertical and horizontal jump ability safely.  Last, we teach top speed work and incline runs to continue to improve fundamental motor patterns, which translate to all areas of basketball.

Increasing maximal strength, safely and intelligently, allows our athletes to not only become injury resistant and better athletes, it provides the athlete a longer time for them to improve their rate of performance.  This is why at Fit Speed we rely on long term athletic development models based around intensity and age specific training.